Hello and welcome to our About Us Page!

Hi, My name is Chris Smith

I own and operate C Smith Marketing. Which is a small sole proprietor online marketing company that officially started in Early 2021 and is located in S.W. Ohio.

My current and primary focus is on affiliate marketing offers and campaigns, Ad Copy, Copy writing and SEO. I also create web pages and sites with Word-press.

Currently my goals are focused on helping companies advertise their products.

When appropriate, I would like to branch out into progressively larger and more complex marketing projects, learn more about all aspects of internet marketing and from that foundation be able to offer a wider variety of internet marketing products and services.

Being newer to the Online Marketing industry and Community has been an amazing and enjoyable challenge!

I am a firm believer in doing things correctly within standards and keeping up to date with the best practices and technology possible in today’s competitive advertising industry.

My daily work-focus is to take positive and thoughtful action at all levels of the online marketing process to achieve the best possible results. To continually seek the most intelligent, correct and practical solutions needed to accomplish the marketing mission.

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