How to drive free traffic to your affiliate link in an easy way?

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Answered by Hannes Bauer Dec 2 How can you drive free traffic to your affiliate link in an easy way?

There is no such thing as free traffic. Either you pay with money (for ads, solo ads, clicks etc.) or you pay with time & effort. But these are free in cost and I suppose you are asking about these.

There are several ways to drive “free traffic”:

  • Create your own YouTube videos, give valuable information, for example you could share the good and the bad about the product you want to promote, why you like it etc. You could also share what you have learned through this product or what it did for you. Be genuine and honest. People can tell and like honesty. and obviously you give them the link to your site / affiliate link…
  • Talk about what you want to promote & educate people on your own social media (facebook, instagram, pinterest etc.) so they ask you for that link (facebook for example usually doesn’t like affiliate links, so don’t spam your link all over FB. Spark interest and people will ask you about it)
  • If you have your own blog or website, create a blog post and talk about the product you’d like to promote. If not, you can comment on someone else’s blog or in a forum on a related post. Actually reply to the blog post, give some insights, don’t just post your link please. No one likes that.
  • Answer questions on sites like Quora, provide valuable information, so people will go to your profile to check you out. Have your link in your bio. People will find it and click on it. Don’t put your link in every answer you give, maybe 1 in 10 answers, but then it has to be totally related.

Whatever you chose to do, do it consistently. Try to do it every day for 1–2 months and you will have shown your audience, that you are serious, provide value and want to genuinely help. Also Youtube, Google, Quora etc will learn about you and your content, so they (hopefully) rank you higher, which will get you more traffic again.

To sum up, chose one option (and stick to it), be real and helpful, don’t be a spammer, give valuable insights about positive and negative sides of the product you want to promote, educate your audience and be consistent for at least a month. If you follow these tips, you will drive “free traffic” no matter what.

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